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Swag HOLIC - ORANGE/BLUE/WHITE SWAG - Pearl - Dry Symmetrical.. Product #: Holic42019 based on 14 reviews Regular price: $0.00 $0.00
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Dry
Coverstock Type Pearl
Core Name Holic
Box Finish 2000 Sanded and Factory Polish
RG 2.606
Differential 0.024
Mass Bias N/A
Length TBD
Hook Rating TBD
Coverstock Name Sweep
Released March 2019
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (14)

DaShonda Bailey
05-25-2022 03:25 PM
I ordered this ball as a good fit for a family member. I got drilled so it will have a slight snap on the back end. Watching her throw this ball up the 10 board it rolls right into the pocket. Even though it says for dry lanes it works wonders on oil. Very versatile ball and she LOVES it.
Alexander Isokariari
05-09-2022 08:09 PM
One of the bezt house shot balls i have ever thrown
David Mobley
04-24-2022 04:03 PM
Use this ball on a kegel sport pattern in tournament play pattern was tough but ball did great hit really well through middle of lane shot first three games of 250 279 280 then next set of games did even better played further left and shot games of 280 300 289 to place first in tournament. Won a cash prize of 8000 dollars great ball overall.
Tim Curran
09-24-2020 08:53 AM
The Holic is pretty good on a variety of conditions. I find it more suitable to burned up shots but if you want to play straight on fresh oil this will give you a smooth controllable motion and a nice transition move into the pocket without a problem.
Dan De Marco
08-10-2020 07:37 AM
If you're looking for a ball to help with the DRY this is your guy! The more burnt up the pattern the better this ball gets.
Michael Dempster
05-29-2020 04:27 PM
Once league transition begins to be an issue this ball negates that. I have shot numerous 250 games with this ball 3rd game of league sensational piece. Have sold a ton of these everyone loves them.
David Mobley
02-16-2020 12:44 PM
I shot a 889 series with this ball on really tough oil pattern excellent ball to have it will not let you down.
David McKay
02-10-2020 03:55 PM
This was the second ball I bought from this company and it's great. I drilled it 45x2.7x70.
The first set out of the box was 650+. The fourth game I bowled with it was a 300 so needless to say I'm pretty happy with it so far.
Richard Ayers
12-18-2019 05:25 PM
Great ball for the price, for those that are looking to try our brand this would be a great piece to get. I normally throw 16lbs, but due to them only making this in 14-15 I had to adapt with a slower ball speed to get the reaction I am looking for. I drilled the ball for Bowlero Green Brook ( Lanes are bone dry). The ball works amazing, I can even use it in the other center I bowl in.
Greg Cook
11-30-2019 01:33 PM
Good Ball for Dry lane conditions , able to keep angles tight and still have some power at the pocket .
Would recommend for later block formats
David Mobley
10-27-2019 09:02 PM
Excellent On house shot play on any part of lanes I have shot an 850 series with this ball and a 300 game also a 280 game and 279 game. This is a good ball for light oil to dry lanes very clean down lane with snap off spot . You will be pleased with this ball. These Swag line balls are the best equipment I have ever used. I want to say thinks to lord field, swag and lane masters for providing the best equipment ever.
Marco Hernandez
10-10-2019 01:00 PM
Holic is great for a drier shot and the reads are very predictable. I really like going to this ball when the oil is burnt. Great addition to my arsenal. I want to get another one drilled to go longer.
Shawn Ferguson
09-09-2019 04:51 PM
HOUSE SHOT KILLER!!!!! I'm averaging 240 plus with this ball. Did I say HOUSE SHOT KILLER??? Absolutely. Light oil to dry lanes can't miss. Very very clean down lane with a snap off the spot. Can't push it to wide but surface change can help it read a bit earlier if to long for you. Listen dont take my word for it go buy one and see for yourself. #willbepleased
Brian Roberts
05-20-2019 11:02 AM
The ball is excellent in the front of the lane. Where this ball shines for me is game 3 on a house pattern & on light oil shots. The ball has no trouble getting thru the transition and still have enough energy stored to carry. Lately, I have been working on keeping my angles straight and play to the left. I’ve also been successful by adding surface to liven it up and get more midlane. All around it’s a versatile ball I will keep in both my league and tournament bag. Great price also. Special thanks to David Adcox (Go Lefties) for the video that sold me on the ball.
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