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Swag GEEK (LOLLIPOP)- PURPLE/GOLD/SILVER SWAG - Pearl - Dry Symmetrical .. Product #: GEEKPGS2021 based on 10 reviews Regular price: $129.95 $129.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Dry
Coverstock Type Pearl
Core Name GEEK
RG 2.533
Differential 0.044
Mass Bias N/A
Length TBD
Hook Rating TBD
Coverstock Name Sweep (Pearl)
Released July 2021
Core Type Symmetrical




Reviews (10)

Kevin L. Cheeves
11-02-2022 01:21 PM
The Geek is not your ordinary weak piece for dry conditions. This ball reads a little earlier, retains more energy for the motion, and still be just as clean then any other polished ball... it acts like medium ball with a beginner ball price...Those R&D nerds were hard at work developing this one, and it's awesome. Come get the Geek, it does not disappoint!
Justin Walker
07-05-2022 06:24 AM
more revs less speed, this ball is an absolute beast if you can get it to the pocket.
Roger Opletal
05-02-2022 02:52 PM
This ball was a big surprise for me , super impressed with th reaction I get from this ball. I don't know why I waited 5 months to drill this. It's a beast for sure. What a sleeper, DO NOT sleep on this ball. Get it to the friction and watch it come back and destroy the pins !
Steve Pittman
12-09-2021 10:53 AM
First impressions of the Geek. Very clean ball. Hits harder than expected. First 6 games on it were on a fresh house shot (I only had this and the Icon, rest of my balls are in the shop getting span changes) so not typically when this ball would get used. But over all, I shot pretty good with it, down and in. Stood on 13 and up around 10, out to around 5 and just watched it roll to the pocket. Shot 609 and 659 with it. The 659 I missed the pocked 2 times all night, 29/30 clean frames (I do not use a spare ball). was surprised at how many 8 pins I left, but over all I love this ball. Great ball when I do not want to have to move left and I just want to play straight all night.
Brandon Long
11-29-2021 08:41 PM
Do not sleep on this ball. My first out of the bag ball. Ive ordered multiple even my wife has one and she loves it. For the money this ball can not be beat looks amazing and performs even better then it looks.
Dan Vogt
09-24-2021 01:04 PM
Left handed, speed dominate, lower tilt and high axis rotation
PAP 5 5/16 over 11/16 up

This ball is an absolute BEAST.. much stronger than I expected. I used a 45x4.5x45 layout on mine. It rolls a little earlier than I expected and went it makes the turn it keeps going. This ball actually plays stronger than my Incredible X and for me on the THS I play on could be a 1st ball out of the bag more so than later in a set. I only have a handfull of games on this ball but I love the colors, It makes it easy to read how the ball is working on the lane
Spencer Robinson
09-20-2021 06:50 AM
For a high rev slow/high speed this ball is a must . For me I'll be adding a couple more .
Joshua Parz
08-16-2021 09:47 AM
this ball is a game changer right here normally play out to t10 an watch my ball come back but with the geek being able to send it out to 5 an hit just as hard an bury the pocket opened my eyes love this ball highly suggest anyone thinking about this ball dont think anymore get it
Tim Curran
08-02-2021 01:09 PM
Big surprise coming out of this release from SWAG bowling. The Geek is much stronger than I anticipated. Originally thought it’d be a short pattern or late block type of motion but I’m more than impressed at the overall shape of this ball. Very clean through the front part of the lane and makes a noticeably aggressive move off the backend. Excellent piece for variety of conditions.
Chris manning
07-24-2021 06:18 PM
This ball is amazing on medium to light oil. I can control it with speed and rev. Very reliable
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