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Swag BUFFALO (URETHANE SOLID) BUFFALO (URETHANE/SOLID) BY SWAG .. Product #: BUFFALO-S based on 11 reviews Regular price: $194.95 $194.95
Brand: Swag

$146.21  $194.95

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Ball Specs
Coverstock Type SOLID
Box Finish 1000 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.533
Differential 0.046
Mass Bias NONE
Coverstock Name V82 URETHANE SOLIDD
Released MAY 2023
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type Symmetrical






Reviews (11)

Ray San Nicolas
07-07-2024 08:02 AM
Right handed bowler
Layout: 40x2.5x35
PAP: 4-7/8 right, 3/4 up
Rev rate: 490
Speed: 18 mph
Swag Advisory Staff

This was my second swag ball I had drilled shortly after the bloody ocean. I would say this ball fits in between my purple hammer urethane and my iq78 urethane. To me, this ball reacted similarly to the blue hammer urethane, global 900 booyah, Brunswick true motion, and storm pitch black-so like a basic urethane ball with no unique motion. I genuinely felt like this ball seemed to carry a bit more than the rest of the urethane balls I’ve thrown…. I’m unsure if it’s because of the elastic-e technology. All I know is that I’m excited to see how this ball performs when the lanes demand urethane ball reaction.
Hogan Hargrove
06-14-2024 06:56 AM
True urethane ball here, very smooth off the spot, not snappy. Works really well on the shorter flatter patterns
Jonathan (Area Staffer)
03-18-2024 09:33 PM
Gotta say I love this ball right out of the box and very smooth and controllable. One of the best urethanes I’ve actually thrown tbh. But they didn’t pack a punch in the back end of the lanes like this one did
Justin Koonz
02-01-2024 07:27 AM
This ball is a must have in your arsenal. It reads early, stays continuous, does not snap and drives through the pins. It’s a great option when the lanes are dryer, on wood lanes, or when you want to play up 5-10 straight into the pocket.
Jeremiah Rooney
11-30-2023 01:06 PM
I am absolutely loving the harder coverstock urethane. it doesn't hook so early that it doesn't shape on the back.

This ball takes to surface modification very well and allows me to control the pocket easily. Reminds me of the Pitch Black.
Colton Bartel
11-17-2023 06:10 AM
Great ball! I’m not a huge urethane fan but this ball is just so predictable it’s a must in anyone’s bag that is a serious competitor. Great for fresh, flatter patterns. Like most urethanes, it blends the pattern out well to help create more room for error later. It’s also nice to have when the lanes are burnt up and you need something smoother to get down lane but not snap. A big plus, the Buffalo and the Burn Up LE are the only two urethane pieces that passed all PBA testing for the 2024 season.
John Myers
09-19-2023 05:44 AM
Haven't thrown a urethane in about 5 years, pitch black.. between the two, this is a stronger ball.. I placed 4th place a few weeks ago in a tourney. I think I would've been lost without good piece. Them you swag for a great piece
Tim Klepper
08-20-2023 04:31 PM
Area Staffer
Right Hand with Thumb
17.5mph/490rpm/55* rotation/4* tilt

This ball is ridiculously good. It shapes like the best urethane ball in the market, but is a touch weaker on the overall board coverage.

It provides a pretty good midlane read and makes as sharp a reaction at the friction as a traditional urethane shape would allow. Having a symmetrical urethane piece is needed in the modern game, and with the same core as the Fantasy Daze, it provides a very strong, stable roll into the pocket.
R Patching
07-26-2023 03:44 PM
I have two of these Buffalo’s drilled up by Dino from World Class Bowling Products in Australia. I have both Buffalo’s drilling in such a way that they work perfectly together to overcome the trickiest lane conditions. Out of the box the most aggressive Buffalo I have drilled shot a 239 playing the lanes straight down 7 to 10 boards. This ball is a must have for those that need predictability and reliability on the lanes.
Patrick Roper
07-24-2023 06:16 PM
This ball dominates on almost any pattern. Ball holds true and drives the pocket well. Really enjoy this and have added it to my bag!!!!
Keyon Brown
06-04-2023 08:10 PM
This is the one I've been waiting for. Think Iron Diamond on steroids. It reads the front part of the lane like the Iron Diamond , but doesn't stop in the backend leading to more carry. When urethane is in play, paired with the Big Bro Burn Up LE, you can't go wrong. Purple what?
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