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Swag BIG BRO BIG GUNS SWAG- Pearl- Asymmetrical-Heavy Oil             .. Product #: BBBG based on 14 reviews Regular price: $189.95 $189.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type PEARL
Box Finish 4000 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.503
Differential 0.050
Mass Bias 0.017
Coverstock Name RVR 4 (PEARL)
Released OCT 2022
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type asymmetrical









Reviews (14)

Samuel Figueras
01-07-2024 02:04 PM
Love how it handled medium to heavy oil
Andre Carter
05-29-2023 02:54 PM
I used my Big Bro Big Guns and shot 279 out the box. I shot 245 the next game but had to transition to something that didn’t over react for the third game. This ball was amazing the way it held its line and walked in the pocket. The ball had a continuous movement and never overturned. The ball demolished the pins. Thus the reason I had change the third game. This is a must have in your bag.
Yuma Scott
05-04-2023 11:56 AM
I really thought this was the really strong asym pearl I was looking for, and it definitely started out that way until I go the Incredible Giant, now I consider it a step down and medium to medium heavy oil ball.
I went 5x3x1 on this one.
John D. Whittaker
04-07-2023 02:10 PM
Area Staffer

Rev Rate 300ish

I drilled this to go long & strong. It gives me a nice piece to go to when transition begins as it remains controllable but turns the corner consistently while hitting the pocket hard.

Being a sanded pearl I keep the surface somewhere between 2000 & 1000 depending on pattern and can always rely on it to give me that cleaner look when the lanes begin breaking down without worry of it sliding through the breakpoint. Versatile, controllable, and strong, I highly recommend this piece!
Jeremiah Rooney
03-10-2023 08:07 AM
Out of all the Big Bro balls, this ball has the absolute best read in the mid-lane. It is crazy strong, even with a short pin layout on it which was my choice for this piece.

With the short pin layout, I am able to square my angles on the fresh and when things get spicey, I can really bend the lane with this ball.
Joe Innis
02-20-2023 11:33 AM
Regional Staffer
Buford, GA

One of the pieces missing in my bag was a big giant rolly ball. With this being a big asymmetrical core, this gives me that missing piece. With the layout of 110 x 4 x 50, this gives me the length I need to help get down lane, but with the big diff and the big back angle, it gets reved up pretty quick and is nice and smooth with the hitting power of a mack truck. Great piece to have in your bag for any condition.
Chad Smaltz
01-12-2023 07:28 AM
This ball is absolutely amazing a definite must have drilled it last night threw it in league right off the press shot 684 I can definitely open up the lane with this ball and it hits like a truck went with stacked leverage for drilling
Ed Kurylo
12-18-2022 05:00 PM
I had the big bro big guns drilled last Thursday used the ball that night shot 190 246 228 664 then today i shot 235 264 225 724 the ball is fantastic and it hit like a ton I highly recommend it
Devon Johnson
12-06-2022 10:04 PM
This ball is a must have in the bag. If you are looking for a asymmetrical strong Pearl, that is a step down from a solid for those medium to heavy conditions or cliffed lanes later in the set, look no further than this angular beauty.

Even though the backend motion is significant, you never feel like it jerks off the spot too hard. Love this ball, and the 2 300’s and 299 with it thus far is the evidence. Go get one!
Robert Burton
12-05-2022 06:23 AM
LOVE this ball. Been looking for something to help open the lanes up and I have definitely found it with this ball.
Gives me enough forgiveness when I miss in or out a little to still strike
Shot 704 and 743 my first two sets with it. This is a ball that everyone needs in their bag.
Javiel Sanchez
12-02-2022 12:40 PM
Just recently drilled this ball up with my favorite layout. I have to say its strong on the fronts and smooth on the back end. Defiantly a good transitional ball. Games 2 and 3 for league nights is where this ball shows what its capable off.
Craig Crankfield
11-14-2022 10:26 AM
This ball is amazing. The core along with this cover stock makes this ball a cheat code!! All you have to do is throw it. It’s a pocket magnet!! Just remember to get the problem layout for your game and I promise you. You will be impressed!!
Mark Welser
11-13-2022 05:18 PM
This is a fairly strong asymmetrical sanded pearl that will give you a reaction somewhere in between continuous and angular, depending on the layout.

This ball has been an absolute killer for me! I drilled it fairly strong as I don't have a ton of rev rate, and I've thrown a 789 and a 731 in 2 of my first 3 sets with the ball.
Jack miller
11-13-2022 04:27 AM
This ball is a must have for heavy oil! Really opens up the lanes on a wet dry condition. Has great length and absolutely crushes the pocket! One of the best balls on the market right now.
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