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Swag GRAFFITI TRACKER SWAG- Pearl- Asymmetrical-Heavy Oil             .. Product #: GRAFFITI-TR based on 20 reviews Regular price: $189.95 $189.95
Brand: Swag

$161.46  $189.95

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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type PEARL
RG 2.489
Differential 0.054
Mass Bias 0.033
Coverstock Name RVR 4 (PEARL)
Released MAR 2023
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type asymmetrical









Reviews (20)

Chris Clark
07-02-2024 04:54 PM
Very nice ball strong enough to go where I want. Smooth enough I can take my hand out of it and 7 pin as a lefty
Mark Moell
05-18-2024 09:15 AM
Go to benchmark ball. So smooth and controllable can play this ball on any oil patter from long to short. This ball is a must have in any bag.
Jacob Harper
04-15-2024 06:26 AM
This is the most angular Graffiti we have! Finally got my hands on one and loved how clean and how much kick on the back it has! Stand left, send it right, watch it fly!
Derek Taylor
03-07-2024 01:23 PM
Best ball in the bag by far!!Very versatile and can use it on sevral different oil patterns......Goes throught the pins very strongly. Love this ball!!
Konner Gerken
02-05-2024 07:07 AM
This thing is a beast! Shot a 741 series first night out with it. Nice and smooth motion with a powerful punch at the end. The pins were scared before it even left my hand!
12-30-2023 07:43 AM
Very controllable asymmetric with moderate snap on the back end and very clean through the front of the lane. Good compliment to the Dynamite Max. Elastic E filler as always keeps pins low for a lot of strikes on light hits. Great ball
Dalton Kilner
09-22-2023 12:16 PM
This ball is a must have it is clean through the front and has some kick to the backend and destroys the pins. I had 1 and I just bought 3 more to do some different things with.
R Patching
07-26-2023 03:55 PM
I have two of these Graffiti Tracker’s drilled up by Dino from World Class Bowling Products in Australia. This ball wow… I shot 279 in practice straight out of the box playing down 10-15 boards at my local centre. The Graffiti Tracker is a house shot killer. When the lanes are fresh and/or on the verge of transitioning the Graffiti Tracker will not let you down. The pin carry is epic and leaves no pin standing in its wake. This ball is a must have for any SWAG bowler.
Derek Taylor
07-23-2023 06:56 AM
This ball is incredibly strong and continuous throught the pattern, I drilled it pin down and it is my favorite ball so far. The hitting power through the pins is amazing!!! I would recommend this ball if you don't have one.
Jon Schussler
07-21-2023 10:53 AM
2 hander with 500 revs. Ball floats the the fronts and holds its energy well down lane. Feels like I’m throwing the front 7-8 every game with this ball. One of the best balls I’ve thrown from any company
Michael Dempster
07-08-2023 12:47 AM
CB Regional staff member
No thumb/ One hand bowler
15 - 17 mph 500+ Rev rate
Love this ball continuous but not jumpy. Makes an aggressive move off the he spot and plows through the rack ,,strong to medium mid lane and then rolls up really nice good looking ball also.
Grab one & hope you love it like I do?
Devon Johnson
06-07-2023 06:14 PM
This ball has strong predictable ball motion, and reminds me roll wise very close to the ebonite one. I have rolled several 300 games with this so far, and an 800 series and cant see this leaving my bag anytime soon. Go get one!
Danny kimble
05-31-2023 06:52 AM
This ball is awesome straight out of the box. I throw it for all 3 games with very little adjustments as the oil breaks down. It has a strong back end. In my opinion it's the best ball that I've ever thrown. I highly recommend it.
Ira Taylor
05-22-2023 07:02 AM
The Graffiti Tracker is all out nuts, tons of back end. Have not thrown it much as not always enough oil to on the lane to get it down lane. This will be the ball i start with in tournaments that flood the lane.
Mark Welser
04-22-2023 10:33 AM
I shot 803 with my first set OOB with this piece. As a lefty, my most common leave with this has been the 8 pin, meaning it continues like crazy. Must have ball, and I can't wait to get more series under my belt to see what other numbers I can throw!
David beamon
03-21-2023 07:10 AM
I had great experience throwing any of the graffiti this one was no different was a very clean look and shape I been missing in my bag shot 280 out of the box for practice and in league I added to my average with an over 500 game :) amazing ball my new go to
Jeremiah Rooney
03-19-2023 06:50 PM
I have been a fan of the Graffiti line of balls ever since the Graffiti Pearl.

This ball is the perfect follow-up to the Graffiti line. It's a mix between the early mid-lane read of the Graffiti Pearl and the late mid-lane read of the Graffiti Pop.

This ball is excellent on the fresh and on the transition. I would define its reaction as angular. Very clean through the front, with a medium mid-lane read on the fresh (on transition, it reads the mid-lane very strong) with an excellent entry angle.

This ball is a real powerhouse on house shots. On sport shots, it's my favorite ball to go to when everything else is just too strong.
Mark chamberlain
03-17-2023 05:26 PM
Such a smooth controllable ball that explodes the pins.great ball for anyone's bag.
Jesse Stoehr
03-10-2023 07:55 PM
Man o man!!!! Is all I can say picked up my Graffiti Tracker from the pro shoop today. And what a set 257 257 247 for a 761 out of box this ball is amazing. Very very clean glides through the fronts Smooth in Midlane and great down Lane if you don't have this one get it asap

Regional Staffer

#swag nation
Mark chamberlain
03-09-2023 05:36 PM
This ball is absolutely one of my favorite balls already it'd so smooth and continues through the back end. I went with a short pin and drilled it pin down. Get one you can't go wrong with it.
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