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DNS LANE MASTERS NEW FITTING TAPE (40 PIECES)       .. Product #: NEWFITT based on 3 reviews Regular price: $15.00 $15.00
Brand: DNS


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Reviews (3)

Kevin Appnel
05-04-2023 09:36 AM
This tape is the best! I use the Black (3) tape on each side of my thumb to ensure a consistent release for me. Before I apply it I wash my hands, dry them thoroughly, put on a little bit of hand sanitizer and this tape stays on amazingly well. Just recently I bowled an 8-game block and the center was warm and the same tape lasted me all 8 games without an issue (when I was done it was still stuck on my thumb really well). highly recommended!
Jeremiah Rooney
10-06-2022 07:24 AM
I have used several different kinds of tape to tape my fingers up. As a two-hander, I need to keep my fingers protected very well. I constantly have issues with tape falling off or shredding while in use.

Not anymore, this tape sticks very well to my skin and I have yet to have an issue with the tape coming off during competition. I like the various colors that are available and because the tape comes in different thicknesses and textures, it is easy to find the right combination quickly and easily.
Justin Koonz
10-10-2021 04:52 PM
Awesome new line of tape! Clean release off the thumb and sticks great. Purchased the pink.
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