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Swag FANTASY Swag - Symmetrical - Heavy - Solid .. Product #: 02EIS based on 8 reviews Regular price: $149.95 $149.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type Solid
Core Name Mushroom
Box Finish 2000 Grit Sanded
RG 2.465
Differential 0.049
Mass Bias N/A
Length 5.5
Hook Rating Low Rev:6 High Rev:8
Coverstock Name Reverie 1



Reviews (8)

Kent Ames
12-22-2017 08:16 AM
Smooth yet strong. Blasts pins. Already put a 300 on mine in tournament. Combines perfect with the Yolo for an awesome 1 - 2 punch.
Steven Burger
01-10-2018 12:43 PM
The ball is very predictable. It hits very hard. it is also very versatile.
Chris Trigg
01-16-2018 09:47 AM
I've taken this ball up to 3k with polish, it is the perfect compliment to the Swag YOLO when the yolo become overly aggressive I move to the polished fantasy to stay in the same area of play, ball gets good length and for a solid has a very pearlesque move on the back side. Carries well hits hard rolls true, very easy piece to throw
Alan Dale
02-02-2018 09:55 PM
I have also polished my fantasy. I do believe everyone that has his fault is in agreeance that the YOLO is a complementary ball to this ball. Is spotless clean and smooth to the heads with great Length and a strong back end reaction. The fantasy has a continuous ball reaction while traveling through the pin deck. Easily my new Benchmark ball!!
Kenneth Kirkman
04-18-2018 07:05 PM
As I am more of a down and in player with medium rev rate this ball allows me to play my typical line when the lanes are oily. I clears through the front and mid with an aggressive continuation through the pocket As the lanes break down I can migrate left with the ball and it continues to have the same finish
Shawn Ferguson
09-09-2019 04:31 PM
The Fantasy is a Midlane reading ball with very solid read off the spot. Need a good volume oil. Great piece to match with the Fantasy Star if need something to read a bit earlier and drive through the pin deck. Surface changes make it very versatile. Drilled mines 70 by 3 1/2 by 20. Clean down lane and digging in oil. #10totheback
Greg Cook
09-29-2019 09:37 AM
Very impressed with the continuous heavy roll , not overly aggressive with a pin down layout
75 x 5 x 60
Great transition ball to smooth out the backend , I’ll have this one in my bag for awhile .
Salvatore Chiaravalloti
12-05-2019 09:48 AM
Very smooth and very strong great ball to have in your bag
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