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Lord Field BLIZZARD HELLFIRE Lord Field  - Asymmetrical - Pearl - Heavy.. Product #: 93 based on 11 reviews Regular price: $165.95 $165.95
Brand: Lord Field


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type Pearl
Core Name Korrupt HD
Box Finish 2000 Grit Sanded
RG 2.489
Differential 0.051
Mass Bias 0.023
Length 5
Hook Rating Low Rev:7.5 High Rev:9.5
Coverstock Name Super Micro X8
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) 200
Bowlers Journal Ratings 58 Hook • 13.5 Length • 13.5 Breakpoint Shape
Core Type Asymmetrical




Reviews (11)

Steven Burger
01-10-2018 12:47 PM
Great ball. Very versatile for what you want to do with it. I can play down and in or play inside 4th arrow with it and never loose carry
Yuma Scott
02-26-2018 02:46 PM
This ball really surprised me. I got it drilled pin up, very high and stacked. Man does it move! Covers more boards than my newer equipment. Highly recommend!
Jeffrey Wright
03-06-2018 05:05 PM
Reads the heads, without over reacting on the backends. The ball is drill stack leverage for a fullroller. It has a smooth arcing motion. Highly recommend!
Richard S. Ayers
04-06-2018 11:39 PM
This ball surprised me out the box, as soon as I punched it up and brought it out to practice with it. This ball hooked off my hand and I was practicing on a Kegel sports pattern Highway To Hell. The ball is clean through the heads, with a controllable reaction at the breakpoint. The ball is drilled pin above the bridge, cg below the ring finger, and mass bios is kicked on the right side of the thumb. This is a great ball to have in your bag.
Paul Sundvold
04-22-2018 02:54 PM
Pin up stacked drilling. Ball is about 5 boards stronger than the Terminator Armageddon for me. Ball makes a consistent turn easy to read for adjustments.
Malik Brown
05-29-2018 12:23 PM
This may be my all time favorite for a sanded pearl. Like most pearls this ball goes long but unlike alot of pearls it's not too snappy and very controllable. For me this ball hits very hard but not too hard which allows it to kick out the corners pretty well. I can play pretty much anywhere on the lane with this rock. You can play down and in or move inside and rip the cover . Big ups to the guys in R and D on this one
Chuck Twohig
07-23-2018 04:44 AM
If you throw a bit on the slower end with a lot of hand (14.5mph), this ball will move like crazy. I find it to be very aggressive so for most bowlers with less hand this ball is probably perfect.

For me I needed to add polish and bring the finish to 1000. Now that I've done that, this ball is excellent for me. I can comfortably play straight up 10 or out to 8-10 at the break and it smashes the pocket. When this ball hits, it really hits.
Shawn Ferguson
08-11-2018 02:56 PM
So I took this ball and polished it up just to see the true cover of this ball and it give me more length and a sharper move off the spot than the Blizzard Shock. Clean through the head for a when it see friction the pins have no chance. I have a combo with these 2 ball together. #pinstotheback
Douglas Humphrey
08-30-2018 05:59 PM
Drilled it up to flip late and hard. With this layout you need to have oil. I was able play it this week and the read was consistent. When the ball hit the pocket, the pins stayed low and carried great. When it was pushed out in the track area to early it finished to hard and pushed the pins high towards the 7-pin leaving a couple of fast eights. Great ball
Brian Roberts
06-13-2019 10:42 AM
To date, this may be one of my favorite Lord Field bowling balls. The ball hits extremely hard while keeping the pins low. Me & a fellow staffer purchased the Hellfire for a national tournament. Ball is amazing and I was able to use the ball for the team event and doubles event with minor feet and target adjustments.
Joshua Parz
05-20-2021 04:07 PM
was given this ball once i got it redrilled to fit me an sanded down to box finish. This ball is a perferct addition to anyone aresenal
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