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Lane Masters TEMPEST RAGING FIRE .. Product #: 84 based on 2 reviews Regular price: $99.95 $99.95
Brand: Lane Masters


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* Weight and Pin Distance:


Ball Specs
Lane Condition Light
Coverstock Type Pearl
Core Name Pancake
Box Finish 1000 Polished
RG 2.620
Differential 0.019
Mass Bias N/A
Length 8
Hook Rating Low Rev:2 High Rev:4
Coverstock Name Reactive


Reviews (2)

01-11-2023 01:12 PM
I'm a high rev 14mph roller. I can't reach 18mph anymore. Anything reactive with normal weights hooks too much. I've used plastic with weight blocks like Black Widow spare ball and do well when I have room to bounce the corner. Any shot up and in with oil is difficult. I went to the Mix which is Urethane and a pancake core which is my start up ball. I am hoping that the Tempest with a reactive cover stock also with a pancake core will get me through the oil similar but better than the Mix. My thought process was correct with this ball. It does not over react, it arcs and rolls smoothly. I just have to line myself up with the break point better to find the pocket consistently.
Dwight Brown
01-23-2021 04:43 AM
For all the awesome high performance balls I have, this ball has to be my most valuable. When the shot gets cliffed or too dry outside, this ball is at its best! Not sure why EVERYONE doesnt have this ball in the arsenal.
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