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Lane Masters BIG KAHUNA CONGO Lane Masters - Symmetrical - Medium/Heavy - Pearl .. Product #: LM022018 based on 11 reviews Regular price: $149.95 $149.95
Brand: Lane Masters


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Ball Specs
Lane Condition Medium/Heavy
Coverstock Type Pearl
Box Finish 2000 Abralon Sanded
RG 2.560
Differential 0.047
Length 7
Hook Rating Low Rev:6 High Rev:8
Coverstock Name BEAST PEARL II




Reviews (11)

Kevin D. Berry
03-08-2018 02:02 PM
I have soo much I can say, but I will just keep it simple. This ball is an absolute monster. Strong midlane reaction, continuous through the pin deck. The ball just keeps coming. First thing out the bag on fresh.

Bravo Lane Masters
Steven Burger
03-28-2018 11:45 AM
Gets through the heads and doesn't over-react on the dry. Hits great and carries those light shots better than ever. Great compliment to the Big Kahuna Tribal. This one goes longer and is more angular.
John Wright
04-03-2018 07:35 PM
The best way to describe this ball is benchmark potential! The ball dominates medium conditions and has the ability to even handle medium/heavy shot with relative ease. This ball has more of a natural arc, and provides a great alternative to any skid/flip equipment you are using, and being a 2 piece, hits with tremendous power. This is a rare ball that I will buy multiple because of its versatility. You can't go wrong with this one.
Kevin Appnel
04-16-2018 07:17 AM
If I could give this ball more than 5 stars I would. I have been a 220+ average house bowler for years and in all of that time 800 has eluded me. I was one of the first people to get this ball and I decided to use it in league right after it was drilled. I shot 806 with it. The ball hit like a tank all night, never left one corner pin, and kept me out of trouble all night. I have it drilled to go long and as a sanded Pearl, man does this thing hit!
Jeffrey Wright
04-18-2018 05:14 PM
This ball I had to polish and it made it hit hard. It gets through the heads and doesn't over-react on the mid-lanes. It hits like a freight train. This one goes longer and is more angular.
Paul Sundvold
04-22-2018 02:45 PM
Drilled 5-3-4 ball is very smooth and strong. Rolls through the fronts and miss with ease and make a strong recovery.
Malik Brown
04-23-2018 07:47 PM
One word. Amazing!!! This ball is so clean up front and smooth yet strong on the back-end. Doesn't over react to the dry. Get this ball and get it now. I love this ball so much I'm thinking about getting another one.
Jeremy Sanchez
05-17-2018 09:27 PM
This ball is made to hit hard. It gets through the heads and doesn't over-react on the mid-lanes. It hits like a freight train. With my shoulder the way it is does very well
09-25-2018 05:53 AM
gets through the heads and doesn't over-react on the dry. strong mid lane reaction continuous through the pin deck. this ball just keeps on going.
Dean Cool
05-28-2019 07:24 AM
Looking for a good ball on dry lanes this ball is it. It holds its energy through the heads and slams through the pins keeping them low!!!!
Dan Vogt
11-07-2019 01:21 PM
I absolutely love 2 piece balls! The Congo is incredibly smooth and predictable. This ball allows me to play a little deeper than I normally play and retains a TON of energy at the pin deck! Corner pin carry is very high with this ball!
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