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Swag BIG BRO BURN UP SWAG - Pearl Urethane - Asymmetrical.. Product #: bigbroburnup2020 based on 19 reviews Regular price: $169.95 $169.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Coverstock Type PEARL URETHANE
Box Finish 2000 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.501
Differential 0.051
Mass Bias 0.019
Released July 2020
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings 52 Hook - 13 Length - 13 Breakpoint Shape
Core Type Asymmetrical



Reviews (19)

Jonathan Gerritz
08-02-2020 07:05 PM
What a ball this baby is. I have been a big fan of urethane, except the amount of weak corners left, but this ball very different very good on hitting power nice strong reaction a must have for any bowler
Kileene Collins
08-19-2020 12:06 PM
Customer review: Really like this ball and happy for a go-to when the lanes burn up. Strong reaction but controllable.
Ryan Phipps
09-05-2020 01:33 AM
I have always been skeptical about if I had the revs to use urethane and when this ball got released I knew I had to pick one up. And boy am I glad I did. I have had this ball for just over 2 weeks. And have had nothing but success with it. I came into this season with an average just under 200 from last year. My goal was to average over 200 this year and so far in league using this ball im averaging 211. This ball hits like a mack truck, and is super controllable and very forgiving for me. I have to throw a really bad shot to get punished. I highly recommend picking one up, you won't regret it.
Tim Curran
09-16-2020 12:11 PM
Great ball. Strong controllable motion as I expected. Reads the fronts and mids amazingly and still has the energy off the back of the pattern. Great choice for any bowler looking to control the lane on a variety of pattern lengths and volumes.
Ryan Warshefski
10-16-2020 03:15 PM
This is the ball I've been dreaming off! The perfect urethane. Very controllable and pushes through the fronts all the way to the breakpoint and from there it turns and hits like a train! This ball instantly replaced my Pitch Black.
Gavin Shank
10-18-2020 06:40 PM
This is a great option when urethane is needed. So glad this is an option in the line.
Blake wilson
11-16-2020 06:06 PM
This ball is good when the lanes are hooking like crazy, I went up 10 board and wow walked into the pocket.
Kyle Banderman
02-24-2021 06:34 AM
Awesome urethane ball! Wonderful even roll that grabs the lanes really well and hits like a truck
Michael Dempster
05-27-2021 07:38 PM
Scuffed this ball ever so slightly and wow what a difference from out of the box. Now so controllable and powerful ,,must have urethane
Casey Rauschenberg
05-30-2021 04:55 AM
I ordered this ball to help round out my arsenal. I have never really used much thane in my game, but figured it would be a piece to use at certain events to keep control, or be able to adjust surface for a beat up pattern. The burn up has not disappointed. Out of box, the pearl thane had great control, but was not as early as what I typically see in thane play, which was great. I have taken surface down as far as 1500 and as high as 5k/w polish to adjust for different tourneys. In each case, the motion remained smooth and controlled, mostly moving the breakpoint based on desired action. Loved it on short, loved it on dry. I have not used it to break in a line on heavier pattern, but will see about surface and this step next time needed.
Marc A. Coy, Sr.
07-25-2021 04:56 PM
This ball is a must have. Threw it for the first time today, clean through the front, and held my midlane well before making the turn and hitting the pocket hard. Great ball for me when the oil gets light.
Tommy Rea Jr
11-20-2021 06:15 PM
My absolute favorite ball of all time. Currently averaging 220+ with this ball with multiple 300 games. Very controllable ball with great backend,a must have for a urethane ball in your bag. This ball is way better than the other purple urethane ball, trust me.
William Ganem
12-05-2021 09:51 AM
Big Bro Burn-up surprised me as a urethane ball. It is mostly used as a spare ball but when I have used it on some sport shots, this ball was very controllable and predictable to play right with!
Tommy Rea
01-06-2022 08:12 PM
#1 purple urethane on the market. I use this ball in league & tournaments on THS and it rolls great and drives through the pins like a tank. Multiple 300games with 220avg. With this ball. One of my favorite balls ever!
Jeremiah Rooney
01-15-2022 04:11 PM
I am a two-hander with a 420 rev rate and 18 MPH ball speed and I am absolutely loving this pearl urethane ball. It gives me the control I'm looking for on sport shots with a very strong back-end motion.

Dustin Mayer
01-22-2022 11:25 AM
Awesome ball. Strong but controllable, hits harder than any other urethane I’ve ever seen. Great for when the lanes really break down or short patterns
Sean Kane
03-10-2022 06:20 PM
217 average 19mph 500 rev. No thumber

Personal Hook Rating 4/10

Strong Urethane that doesn't grab immediately off your hand like some other brands.

This ball carries excellent but is very easy to control.
This urethane may be longer than what you are used to but it definitely is strong. I have taken its surface down a bit to get some earlier roll on some shots but have also brought it back up for dryer conditions.

If you want urethane with a big weight block this one is for you.
Mark chamberlain
03-19-2022 09:42 PM
So far one of my favorite urethane balls I have thrown. I am between 500 and 300 Rev rate kinda guy. depending on the situation but this ball has been very versatile weather I want to hook it or play straighter.
Trevor Hakes
04-20-2022 08:56 AM
This ball is a great urethane I love this ball more then the other urethanes I’ve had once I found out about California bowling I made sure I got this great ball this ball has work so much with me opening my lanes up better to ease in to another good ball
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