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Swag ARCHIVE SWAG- Pearl- Asymetrical - Heavy- .. Product #: ARCHIVE based on 6 reviews Regular price: $194.95 $194.95
Brand: Swag


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Ball Specs
Coverstock Type PEARL
Box Finish 3000 GRIT SANDED
RG 2.557
Differential 0.051
Mass Bias 0.036
Coverstock Name UP 1 (PEARL)
Released NOV 2023
Arsenal Rank(See Ball Matrix) TBD
Bowlers Journal Ratings TBD
Core Type asymmetrical








Reviews (6)

Michael Dempster
03-01-2024 05:01 AM
Regional staffer
No thumb 15-17 mph
500+ rev rate
The Archive is such an incredible ball the turn this ball makes off the spot is unbelievably aggressive,
Love to wheel it out & swing the lane it's my favorite line to the pocket and this one by Swag is absolutely the ticket for that .
Jeremy Ellis
01-10-2024 02:34 AM
Area staffer. The pro shop drilled strong rolling as he was worried about the high rg of the 14# ball. Even so the ball has great length and a nice hard arc in the back. Great ball for fresh oil when needing just a little more pop in the backend. Match up very nice to this core. May purchase another for a little more flip in the back.
Tony Cook
12-23-2023 10:22 AM
I drilled this ball 55x5x30 and let me tell you this is my new favorite ball. Picks up nicely in the middle and then never stops hooking . This ball is defiantly the shape everyone is looking for.
Sean Gruetter
12-10-2023 06:21 PM
The archive is very clean in the front part of the lane and smooth and very continuous on the back end. I used a 40 x 4 1/2 x 70 layout this is pin down, and is a great controlled and predictable piece in my bag. I feel it pairs very well with the royal diamond.
James Hart
11-08-2023 11:57 AM
The first night of league with this ball was 268,201 and 279 for a. 748. It's a very clean and strong on the back end I feel like it gives me a lot of room for error. This is definitely a ball that rivals the bloody ocean.
Michael Dempster
11-06-2023 08:03 AM
Regional staffer
One hand
No thumb
15-16 mph
Ball is smooth through the front starts to pick up in the middle
Ungodly backend
Vicious hit?
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