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Lord Field ALMIGHTY KING Lord Field - Symmetrical - Heavy - Pearl .. Product #: BLZSHK71918 based on 9 reviews Regular price: $149.95 $149.95
Brand: Lord Field


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* Weight and Pin Distance:


Ball Specs
Lane Condition Heavy
Coverstock Type Pearl
Core Name Grenade
Box Finish 2000 Grit Abralon Sanded
RG 2.519
Differential 0.056
Length TBD
Hook Rating TBD
Coverstock Name Proton 5.0
Released November 2018
Core Type Symmetrical



Reviews (9)

Steven Burger
11-05-2018 05:54 AM
This ball hooks more than the original King. Rolls great. Reads the mid-lane and makes a strong but predictable move toward the pocket. Great ball to start on a fresh house pattern with. It also compliments the original King perfect. Start off with the Almighty then finish with the King.
Joseph Proffitt
11-10-2018 12:07 AM
CB Area/Regional Staffer (Northeast Region)
Bowling Hand - Right
Current Avg. 229
Ball Speed Avg - 17 mph
Rev Rate - 550 rpm
Layout - 70 X 5" X 35
Finish - 2000 Grit Abralon Sanded (Box)
Weight - 14 lbs.

The Almighty King is the ball I have been waiting for, the missing piece to complete the “Royal Family” line. I drilled this up to the exact specs as my Royal Queen, my favorite pearl in the series. I found The AK to be slightly less aggressive than the Queen, due to it having a pearl coverstock as opppsed to the solid that the Queen has, but has an overall smoother move to the pocket. It’s definitely more aggressive than the Royal Queen and the King.. The ball does not sacrifice traction on heavy oil and being a pearl, it hits surprisingly harder than the others in the line.

*The Almighty King performs best for me on the Kegel Sphinx, Kegel Turnpike, U.S. Open/PBA. Bear*

J. Wright
12-20-2018 09:09 PM
Ball Speed 15mph
Rev Rate 210
Drilled label leverage

Can't go wrong with this one. This ball is a predictable heavy oil ball. I noticed more area, without overreactions on misses. Handles transition with ease, and is versatile enough to be the only ball out of the bag on a heavy shot. For me, stronger than the Joker, on par with the Dream, but more predictable. Very happy with this one.
Layton A. Heller
12-22-2018 02:19 PM
One of the cleanest balls I have thrown. The motion of this ball is unlike any other. No other word describes it other then CLEAN! Absolute must in anyone's bag looking for a predictable motion ball.
Don Shehane
12-19-2019 09:21 AM
Bought the Almighty to have a new pearl cover in my bag. Drilled it with a 4 1/2" pin and VAL angle @60 degrees. i got way more versatility than I expected. On the house shot I was able to play 18 to 5 and carry. Changing my hand position I played 15 to 8 with a later break point and still carried. Great ball!! Thanks, Dan Vogt of Idaho Falls.
Tony Morales
11-06-2020 01:10 PM
Currently my favorite ball next to my Hunter. So strong, smooth and hits harder than any ball I have ever thrown. When it hits the pocket it is 95% a strike. This followed by my Hunter at 500 polished and The a Royal Queen is a devastating trio.
Michael Dempster
11-27-2020 09:12 AM
Regional staffer California bowling
Southeast region,, 218 average ,ball speed16-17 mph Cranker style no thumb bowler.The Almighty King was I have to say was a pleasant surprise this ball is very strong off the break point. If you aren't currently throwing one of these your missing out.
Michael Dempster
01-16-2021 08:33 AM
This ball doesn't wiggle and doesn't quit. If your looking for a clean but strong ball this is it!
Aaron bailey
11-01-2021 06:39 PM
The almighty king is smooth and great backend gave can give it room and comes roaring back in the pocket lines this ball with the hunter and the armada to make a tremendous trio
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