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Tony Cox

Tony Cox

Tony Cox



I am proud to be a national staffer representing the state of Oregon for this incredible company. This is my fifth full year on staff, and I look forward to the future with this company. I started bowling at the age of three. My father and mother were both avid bowlers and my dad peaked at a 190 average back in the early seventies when a 190 average actually meant something. I was 13 years old when I rolled my first sanction 300 game using a Roto Grip LH polyester ball. Since then I've gone on to achieve 104, 300 games, 22 800 series with a high sanction series of 857 coming in a tournament where we change lanes after each game. 280, 289, 288.

I have won numerous tournaments over the years and I've always accounted myself very well when I bowled PBA events; including winning 3 pro titles in the span of 7 months, and the host of megabuck tournaments that have been held around the country. Here's just a small list of the tournament I've won.
November 2019 Northwest Senior Tour Tacoma Open Champion - setting an all time club record with +381 for 6 games using the Lord Field Blizzard Blast
Games of 244 - 256 - 258 - 267 - 299 - 257
August 2019 Northwest Senior Tour Portland Open Champion rolling the SWAG Joker
May 2019 Northwest Senior Tour Hammer Open, my first professional title. 
July 2019 Emerald Swiss senior sweeper
July 2019 Emerald Swiss senior singles Saturday squad. 
July 2019 Emerald Swiss senior singles Sunday squad. 
August 2019 Northwest Senior Tour opening event. Shot 300 in the title match. 
2018 SOBA Champion / Non Champion Doubles
2017 SOBA All Star Team 3rd member, top left hander. 
2016 Oregon State Open division Singles Champion
2016 Oregon State Open division Doubles Champion
1994 Southern California Masters champion. 
And 22 titles from the Southern California Scratch Bowlers Tour out of 37 events.
My passion to grow this sport has kept me motivated to be the very best ambassador for this sport that I can be. On staff for 5 years, and looking forward to competing at the highest level of the Senior Tour in January.

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